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Panic! at the Disco <3

Ella Costello

I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

Is anyone else doing a bandom NaNo?

like mine is gonna be this weird Young Blood Chronicles/America’s Suitehearts videos AU??

this is what happens when you have FOB on repeat for a month whilst trying to plan a novel.

guys I need you to talk me out of doing Merlin Big Bang.

I’ve been looking at it for awhile and I have an idea that won’t leave me alone and I’ve read so much arthurian legend stuff in the past month I need to do something with it, but.

*Bangs head against wall* I don’t want to, don’t want to…

I have no life but equally no motivation to ever finish what I started so maybe this would be a good way to fix that? Especially as this is the last one.

I don’t knowwwww….

The Doctor as Sherlock Holmes Appreciation

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I just watched Skyfall again

and am I the only one who noticed that M said “(Tanner) will put you two together”, meaning Q and Bond.

Together, together? *wink wink nudge nudge*?


I kinda want a fic where Tanner plays match maker now…

I just want a 00Q fic

that is the long, epic, angsty story of their lives together, from Bond being all broken and unsure to them falling so so hard for one another, and all the missions and danger and shit they have to get through over the years. Basically I just want a THROAM style 00Q fic. That fic has ruined all others for me, damn you panic! fandom.

But this fandom is new and shiny, so I can wait. *twiddles thumbs*




time has brought your heart to me

Aaah I would be so happy if they ended the series and then had some sort of epilogue scene like this. 


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100 favorite Doctor Who quotes [39/100] 
 →  Can I just say, traveling with you… I love it. Me too.

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You can hate Twilight, but there’s no denying that he is the best thing in the series.

thank u for making watching these movies more bearable

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